A photograph can document, conjure memory, and lie

“I was very pleased to be able to publish the original article The Perspex Crucifix by Sarah Hilary in 8 magazine, a photography biannual published by Foto8. I was immediately struck by Sarah’s perceptive understanding of the many varied uses of photography: its ability to document, to conjure memory, and also to lie. I was also very drawn to the effortless structure of the piece. Her writing displays a fine sense of control, and the story unfolds just as it should. It was evident at the time that this was potentially a huge subject, with its emotional heart in the family, yet embedded in the history of warfare and propaganda, which I found, then as now, a fascinating combination. Her ability to engage with historical and political research will provide a very solid framework for the creative enterprise as a whole. I wish Sarah all the very best in the writing of the full story. It’s one that must be told.” — Max Houghton, Editor Foto8


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